What is DREST?

DREST is the world’s first luxury styling game! Through DREST, you can explore your creativity using the latest real-life fashion collections and play your way to becoming a top stylist. DREST’s mission is to put the fun in fashion and unlock this exclusive world, allowing anyone, anywhere to experience the thrill of having the best fashion brands, models, hair, makeup and locations at their fingertips. Our mission is to unite fashion lovers everywhere and inspire, recognise and share individual creativity and style.

What do you do on DREST?

You adopt the role of a fashion stylist and are briefed with daily creative challenges to style looks with the latest products from the world’s leading luxury brands. You will style and share stand out looks inspired by real-time fashion challenges, working with the new season collections, our model avatars, bespoke makeup and inspiring locations.

Can you shop on DREST?

Absolutely. Turn your creations into real life by purchasing directly from your Wishlist or Collection. Simply tap on the ‘View Online’ shopping bag icon, which will take you directly to the Farfetch website. Enjoy your purchases!

Can other people see my Profile?

Yes. Your fellow stylists can view your profile from Looks of the Day and the Look Rater.

Can I follow people and see their Profile?

Yes! Find your fellow stylists in Looks of the Day and the Look Rater to gain even more inspiration.

Can I invite friends to play DREST?

Yes! And as a reward, for every friend that signs up to DREST we’ll give you both 5000 DREST Dollars each. The more friends you invite, the more DREST Dollars you’ll receive. To invite friends within the DREST app, simply tap the menu on the top right of the screen, then hit the ‘Invite a Friend’ button. Next, tap ‘Invite’ to send a virtual invitation to your friends over social media or an instant message. Included in each message is your personal code, which you’ll also spot at the bottom of the invite page. You can also share this code directly with friends out of the app.

Can I share my looks online and with my friends?

Of course, your styling skills deserve to be celebrated! From your profile, tap the look you wish to share. Hit the share arrow on the right hand side of the screen. This will then bring up a menu where you are able to share your look on your social media accounts, send to a friend or save directly to your camera roll.

How do you use my data?

We do not sell or share or disclose your personal information to any third parties. We take seriously our commitment to protecting the security and anonymity of your data. We may utilize your anonymous data with defined third parties that allow us to conduct our activities, and provide service to you, subject to your approval. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information https://www.drest.com/privacy

What platforms are you available on?

DREST is available on iOS. You can download DREST for mobile via the Apple App Store.

For a full list of FAQs including gameplay help please see the DREST app.